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Born and raised on the West side of Chicago, Roosevelt the Titan developed a keen interest in hip-hop music. Roosevelt’s musical journey began at an early age, starting his first rap group in the 4th grade. Later he joined a group called Kronos, where Roosevelt adopted the “Titan” moniker. Everyone in the group referred to themselves as Gods and after research in Greek mythology he discovered that Titans were more powerful than the Gods. From that moment, “Roosevelt the Titan” was born.
One of Roosevelt’s most memorable moments came when he had a show and his manager stated that they didn’t sell any pre-sale tickets. His drive and ambition did not discourage him from performing. He went outside and sold tickets by rapping to people, which drew a massive crowd, filling up the venue of 200+ attendees. He has performed at various venues in Chicago including Schubas, Reggies, Jerrys and more.
He emulates a hint of his influences in the game to perfect his craft and continues to strive for perfection. Roosevelt is inspired by major artist including Kanye, Odd Future and Tyler the Creator in admiration of their style and creativity. His ultimate goal is to create the idea that rappers are philosophers and plans to establish his music as a learning musical experience where the world can see it from their perspective.