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Building a significant portfolio one photo at a time, Brooklyn Wheeler is a Chicago-native photographer best known for his candid portraits and covering elite, upcoming artists from his hometown. After being in front of the camera during his modeling career, Wheeler later found a new interest behind the camera. With creativity deeply-rooted in his lineage, his mother a former model, and his grandfather a well know LA photographer whose photos covered Will Smith’s first marriage, Magic Johnson’s basketball camp and a host of other notaries, photography was inevitable.
Brooklyn found his niche in capturing the essence of the local nightlife. Not limited to the nightlife stills, he takes candid photos of local celebrities, cityscapes, and everyday people. Brooklyn’s photos have been featured in Huffington Post, Rolling Stone and the Chicago Tribune.
When he’s not taking pictures of Chicago artists Taylor Bennett, King Louie, and others, he’s mastering digital photography and ways to showcase his versatility. He also enjoys teaching his grandfather ways to showcase his work on social media.