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Chef Jared Van Camp on left, Taylor Bennett on right.

Whether it is a sample free album or a sample of southern-style cooking Taylor Bennett continues to serve us FIRE. Leghorn Chicken, located on 959 N. Western Ave, gave us a sandwich by Chef Jared Van Camp and Taylor featuring a hot chicken thigh, smoked bacon and maple jalapeño butter all in between two Belgium waffles. Taylor was debuting this menu item for the Taste Talks Chef BBQ on October 2nd and was in the restaurant on October 8th to promote and serve his charitable entrée, benefiting the Chicago-based LGBTQIA advocacy as well as the youth homeless support group Pride Action Tank. At a price of $8, a percentage of sales were donated. If they happen to still have the sandwich when you stop by, be sure to taste this delicious sandwich for yourself.

More pictures of Taylor’s in store at Leg Horn Chicken Below.