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Chicago’s own Taylor Bennett, has built himself quite a buzz around the hip hop community with his project Broad Shoulders, and that doesn’t seem to be subsiding anytime soon! Taylor recently returned home after playing ten shows across two weeks while opening for Tory Lanez on the I Told You tour.

The young Chicago emcee made waves across the northwest coast from Oregon and Idaho all the way to Washington while performing fan favorite tracks such as “Wasting Time” and “Dancing In The Rain“. The first leg of the tour came to a close in late November 2016 when Taylor made it back to the mid-west and performed in Milwaukee then his hometown of Chicago before taking a couple days off for Thanksgiving. After the holiday, the tour picked right back up with Mr. Bennett starting each night off right with performances that left the crowd hyped and ready for an incredible night. Before returning back to Chicago, Taylor made his way through Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Cleveland.

With 2016 wrapping up, Taylor has made sure to make the most out of the time remaining. He released his most recent single “New York Nights” on the one-year anniversary release date of Broad Shoulders, and has put together one last show in his hometown! December 23rd, 2016 Taylor Bennett is hosting his Holiday Bash at The Metro. Tickets can still be purchased here, so act fast before they sell out!