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Tay - SOB's 2016

Some history first because SOB’s is “Where Legends Are Made.” As the trademark slogan for the night club suggests, it’s exactly on point. Founded in June 1982, a now well known live world music restaurant as well as a venue that resides in Manhattan within the SoHo and Hudson Square neighborhood. The abbreviation stands for Sounds of Brazil, which was coined by Larry Gold that started the night club and currently still owns the space.

Now to why we are here. It’s essential that we mention how Taylor Bennett’s Broad Shoulders release can metaphorically “shoulder” opportunities of success for him. If you’re not pondering it already, start bridging the gap between Bennett and SOB’s. Now think a bit bigger… YES! Taylor will be HEADLINING SOB’s July 28th, 2016 and for the first time we may add. He made his first visit last December for his release of his latest project. As he returns for another bite of the Big Apple, he brings special guests ELZ the DJ and SUPA BWE. This pair was seen performing alongside Bennett not too long ago in Chicago at Reggie’s so it’s only right that they take their act on the road. Seeing the success from Bennett has brought in the support from local rapper, producer and actor STRO ( Astro, The Astronomical Kid) who will also siege the stage as well. If you’re like me, this may be the first time you’ve heard of him. Most, if not all of America knows him from season one of  The X Factor USA back in 2011. I don’t remember that year, but I can guess that I missed the opportunity to be among the many to hear his story. Thankfully, Youtube was created for these types of moments. Check out the interesting and insightful interview here. Real good watch!

There is NO REASON why you shouldn’t be in attendance (granted in area proximity) though I could make a strong case that it’s far enough in advance where you can cancel whatever plans you have. Here are the details!

$10-General Admission 

$20- Meet & Greet with Taylor Bennett

All Ages

See you there!