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Coming to us with a brand new single entitled, “Sadboy Anthem” is Chicago artist Seb Torgus. Beyond being a solo artist, this 21-year-old has some other creative avenues which I’m impressed by (Hard to impress). Who else do you know that had campaigns with Nike, been part of runway fashion shows, and even a cameo on a network television show? I can at NOT raise my hand to that question. Now he comes forth and brings us a laid-back track that I’m sure will catch most of you music enthusiasts and average listeners that also are riding the wave of the current music trends.

At first listen, what can I say? The ambient synths and the booming kicks were designed in this setting to evoke a “riding through the city or town with the windows down” feel and all I can say is.. I wouldn’t mind if this popped on my IPOD classic shuffle. Here’s the thing: flow, catchy yet simplistic lyrics, and beat are the three main ingredients now used more often than lemon pepper on Sunday night dinner night so it’s safe to say that Torgus has made use of those concepts. Sometimes, you just need to hear a song that feels so relatable, you might find yourself knowing the artist’s entire life story or feels like you sat next to him in biology class while he helped you dissect an innocent frog. Whichever road you choose, it all leads to the same place that place for Seb is centering around a courtyard where he and music first shared a moment and began their journey. Who hasn’t been called weird or felt out of place and knew music was the only thing to soothe those aches?

“I got family who just think I’m weird/Look at how I dress and they think that I’m a queer

I don’t give a f**** what they say, what they think/ I got girls who gon f***** kill ova me”

Enough said. Straight to the point, and there’s no denying the message here. JUST LET ME BE ME!

Stream the audio version of “Sadboy Anthem” via Soundcloud HERE