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Sometimes, we need a reality shock whether that’s from family, friends or even electricity. In the same vein, Melo lays before us his latest single from his upcoming sophomore project entitled, “Evicted.” Accompanied on the track is Chicago artist Kweku Collins, who continues to put in work following his recent EP “Nat Love.” Listen close to hear the dreamy as well as enticing background vocals from Tatiana Hazel on the precise production from Martin $ky. Everything seems to be placed perfectly in the sonic spectrum to enforce Melo’s theme. In the lyrics, he brings to light what we don’t normally think about; Negative situations have the chance to produce positivity in perspective. Through introspective awareness, Melo is able to take the word “evicted” and draw from it his own experiences opposite of physically being evicted. There is nothing more comforting than to hear relatable music and if you can’t relate to this music, stop the frontin!

We present to you his latest single below via SoundCloud.